Due to the small anticipated attendance at the physical venue, and COVID-19 related issues experienced by more than one participant, WinterHack 2021 will now be online only.

We hope to see you online this year, and at the physical venue next year!




February 20, 2021
4:00pm to 9:00pm EST (UTC minus five)

WinterHack is a winter art and technology event, now in its third year, that explores winter art, collaborations between artists and makers, and late winter event ideas for Pittsburgh and other Great Lakes / Rust Belt cities.



Online Locations

Please request access to Slack and Zoom via email. The talks and performances will be on Zoom, and there will be opportunities to chat and collaborate on Slack.

Email: winterhack.event@gmail.com

Slack: https://winterhack.slack.com

Zoom: Please request access




Subject to change.
All times US Eastern (UTC minus five).

4:00pm Opening Comments

4:10pm Kelci Mensah and Herb Schilling, Visualization at NASA

4:40pm Nick Montfort, Tiny Computational Poems and the Web Magazine Taper

5:00pm Ashlae Blūm(e), Live coding talk and performance

5:35pm Xela Batchelder, Pittsburgh Fringe Festival

5:55pm Aaron Jack, Clubhouse Discussion

6:25pm intox, Shader competition simulation

6:50pm Josh Maxwell, Cross-pollination Power of Art and Technology

7:15pm Matt Kiroff, Performance

7:50pm Tao Neuendorffer Flaherty, Women in Computer Science

8:15pm John Morris, The Artbelt

8:45pm Closing comments, open discussion, show and tell